Participating Clinics and Providers

The following list of member clinics is provided as a service to all of our members that are searching for participating clinics. It is important that our clinics work together to build our practices and meet the challenges facing independent providers.

Surgical Associates PCLincoln, NE402-441-4760
Allergy & ImmunologyAllergy, Asthma & Immunology Associates, PCOmaha, NE402-391-1800
Allergy & ImmunologyThe Asthma & Allergy Center, PCBellevue, NE402-592-2055
Allergy & ImmunologyBoys Town AllergyBoys Town, NE402-778-6900
Allergy & ImmunologyMidwest Allergy & Asthma Clinic, PCOmaha, NE402-397-7400
AnesthesiologyMomenta Pain Care, LLCOmaha, NE402-991-6559
AnesthesiologyNebraska Pain InstituteLincoln, NE402-488-7245
AnesthesiologyHYPNOS-Anesthesia, PCOmaha, NE402-991-6559
AnesthesiologyPhysicians Anesthesia Services, PCOmaha, NE402-212-0847
Cardiovascular DiseaseMidwest Cardiology PCOmaha, NE402-390-0111
Cardiovascular DiseaseAdvanced Cardiovascular Care, PCOmaha, NE402-552-2800
Colon & Rectal SurgeryColon & Rectal Surgery, IncOmaha, NE402-343-1122
DermatologyBraddock Finnegan Dermatology, PCOmaha, NE402-390-0333
DermatologyMidwest Dermatology Clinic, PCOmaha, NE402-552-2555
DermatologyMOD Dermatology, PCOmaha, NE402-505-8777
DermatologyDermatology Specialists of Omaha, LLCOmaha, NE402-330-4555
DermatologySkin Specialists, PCOmaha, NE402-334-7546
DermatologyAdvanced Dermatology of the Midlands, PCOmaha, NE402-933-3770
Diagnostic RadiologyRadiology Associates PCLincoln, NE402-484-6677
Diagnostic RadiologyThink Aksarben, LLPOmaha, NE402-506-9000
Emergency MedicineOrthoNebraska HospitalOmaha, NE402-609-1500
Family MedicineMcGill Family Practice, PCPapillion, NE402-505-9657
Family MedicineFP Associates, PCBellevue, NE402-292-1072
Family MedicineLifeCare Family Medicine of Bellevue, PCBellevue, NE402-779-7207
Family MedicineBott, PCOmaha, NE402-779-8400
Family MedicineSouth Omaha Medical AssociatesOmaha, NE402-731-9100
Family MedicineThink Aksarben, LLPOmaha, NE402-506-9000
Family MedicineBellevue Family Practice, PCBellevue, NE402-292-9170
Family MedicineMiracle Hills Primary Care Center, PCOmaha, NE402-905-2075
Family MedicineSancta Familia Medical ApostolateOmaha, NE402-991-3393
Family MedicinePremier Family Medicine, PCPapillion, NE402-991-2200
Family MedicinePrimary Care PartnersLincoln, NE402-483-2987
Family MedicineArbor Heights Family Medicine, PCOmaha, NE402-397-0700
Family MedicineEssential Family Medicine of Omaha, LLCOmaha, NE402-991-5353
Family MedicineMidwest Regional Health Services, LLCOmaha, NE402-778-5490
Family MedicineElvira Rios, MD, PCOmaha, NE402-333-0300
Family MedicineFamily Physicians of PlattsmouthPlattsmouth, NE402-296-4551
Family MedicineHealth Care for the Family, PCOmaha, NE402-778-5500
Family MedicineHoody & Lanspa Family Practice PCOmaha, NE402-556-9220
Family MedicineZ Family Practice, PCOmaha, NE402-558-2500
Family PracticeEast Lincoln Family Health Professionals, PCLincoln, NE402-483-7507
Family PracticeFallbrook Family Health CenterLincoln, NE402-441-3575
GastroenterologyOmaha Gastroenterology Consultants, P.C.Omaha, NE402-397-8040
GastroenterologyGastroenterology Specialties PCLincoln, NE402-465-4545
GastroenterologyMidwest Gastrointestinal Associates, PCOmaha, NE402-397-7057
General SurgeryGeneral Surgery Associates LLCLincoln, NE402-483-4292
Hematology OncologyNebraska Hematology Oncology PCLincoln, NE402-484-4900
Internal MedicineNebraksa Internal Medicine PCLincoln, NE402-441-3400
Internal MedicineInternal Medicine Physicians, PCOmaha, NE402-758-5200
Internal MedicineMembers MDOmaha, NE402-779-8400
Internal MedicineJeffrey A Passer, MD, PCOmaha, NE402-391-3800
Internal MedicineMark E Oberlies, MD, PCOmaha, NE402-810-9700
Internal MedicineRichard Forsman, MDOmaha, NE402-552-2550
Internal MedicineOmaha Medical Group, LLCOmaha, NE402-552-2212
Internal MedicineHolmes & Munyon, PCOmaha, NE402-552-3040
Internal MedicineJensen Clinic, PCOmaha, NE402-397-6060
Internal MedicineMaxwell L Larweh, MDBellevue, NE402-779-7207
Interventional CardiologyHaysam Akkad, MD, PC dba Clarkson Heart CenterOmaha, NE402-552-2320
Interventional CardiologyHeartland Cardiology, PCOmaha, NE402-991-5300
Interventional Pain ManagementInterventional Pain Management, PCOmaha, NE402-384-2600
Medical OncologyHematology & Oncology Consultants, PCNorfolk, NE402-644-7550
NephrologyNephrology Care, LLCFremont, NE402-727-5863
NephrologyOmaha Nephrology, PCOmaha, NE402-502-2747
NeurologyOmaha Neurological Clinic, IncOmaha, NE402-393-2023
NeurologyNeurology Consultants of Nebraska, PCOmaha, NE402-552-2650
NeurosurgeryNeurosurgical Associates of Nebraska, PCOmaha, NE402-552-2929
NeurosurgeryMDWest ONE, PCOmaha, NE402-398-9243
OB/GYNHeartland Women's HealthcarePapillion, NE402-827-9400
OB/GYNHeartland Family First Medical Clinic, LLCOmaha, NE402-884-6400
OB/GYNMetro OB/GYN, LLCOmaha, NE402-391-5022
OB/GYNHeartland OB/GYN, LLCOmaha, NE402-933-7247
OB/GYNOmaha OB/GYN Associates, PCOmaha, NE402-932-8020
OphthalmologyRobert Manahan, LLCPapillion, NE402-934-9033
OphthalmologyKugler Vision, PCOmaha, NE402-558-2211
OphthalmologyFirst Eye Associates, PCOmaha, NE402-354-8111
OphthalmologyArkfeld, Parson & Goldstein, PCOmaha, NE402-933-6600
OphthalmologyMidwest Eye Care, PCOmaha, NE402-552-2020
OphthalmologyRetina Consultants of the Midlands, PCOmaha, NE402-399-8055
OptometryEye Consultants, PCOmaha, NE402-391-1100
OptometryBruce H Brumm, MD, PCOmaha, NE402-572-2020
OptometryMidwest Eye Care, PCOmaha, NE402-552-2020
Orthopaedic SurgeryMDWest ONE, PCFremont, NE402-721-0090
Orthopaedic SurgeryOmaha Orthopaedic Clinic & Sports Medicine, PCOmaha, NE402-691-0500
Orthopaedic SurgeryOrthoNebraska ClinicsOmaha, NE402-637-0800
OtolaryngologyWilliam A. Ingram, MD, PCOmaha, NE402-991-1975
OtolaryngologyFamily Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic, PCOmaha, NE402-572-3165
OtolaryngologyOmaha Ear, Nose & Throat Clinic, PCOmaha, NE402-758-5330
OtolaryngologyEar Nose & Throat- Head and Neck Surgery PCOmaha, NE402-393-7050
OtolaryngologyEar Specialists of OmahaOmaha, NE402-933-3277
OtolaryngologyOmaha FaceOmaha, NE402-739-8144
OtolaryngologyEar, Nose and Throat Consultants, LLCOmaha, NE402-778-5250
OtolaryngologyAdvanced ENTBellevue, NE402-292-9800
OtolaryngologyBoys Town Ear, Nose & ThroatBoysTown, NE402-778-6800
OtolaryngologyJohn W Pflug, MD, PCOmaha, NE402-906-0979
OtolaryngologyHeartland Ear, Nose & Throat Specialists, LLCFremont, NE402-721-2623
Pain ManagementMedical Pain Center, PCOmaha, NE402-390-6226
Pediatric GastroenterologyDean Antonson, MD, PCOmaha, NE402-552-2100
Pediatric OphthalmologyPediatric Ophthalmology Associates, PCOmaha, NE402-399-9400
PediatricsMidlands Pediatrics, PCPapillion, NE402-592-1700
PediatricsOmaha Childrens Clinic, PCOmaha, NE402-330-5690
PediatricsWest Center Pediatrics, PCOmaha, NE402-991-7337
PediatricsLincoln Pediatric GroupLincoln, NE402-489-3834
PediatricsBoys Town PediatricsBoysTown, NE402-778-6900
PediatricsChitrita Roy, MD, PCBellevue, NE402-991-5437
PediatricsDoctors of Children Lincoln, PCLincoln, NE402-423-1900
PediatricsNaturally Healthy Kids, LLCOmaha, NE402-934-0087
PediatricsVillage Pointe Pediatrics, PCElkhorn, NE402-573-7337
Physical Medicine & RehabilitationSpine & Musculoskeletal MedicineOmaha, NE402-502-9877
Physical TherapistThink Aksarben, LLPOmaha, NE402-506-9000
Plastic SurgeryLincoln Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery PCLincoln, NE402-435-0044
PsychiatryPsychiatric Services, PCOmaha, NE402-399-9305
PsychiatryNicole J Bergerson, MDOmaha, NE402-505-9550
PsychiatryEugene C Oliveto, MD, PCBellevue, NE402-779-7207
PsychologyBoys Town Behavioral Health ClinicOmaha, NE402-996-2540
Pulmonary MedicinePulmonary Medicine Institute, PCOmaha, NE402-552-9875
RadiologyDiagnostic Radiology, PCOmaha, NE402-639-8170
RadiologyCA Advanced Imaging Medical Associates, Inc.Omaha, NE402-637-0770
RheumatologyRheumatology & Osteoporosis Services PCLincoln, NE402-464-9000
RheumatologyWestroads Rheumatology Associates, PCOmaha, NE402-391-3800
RheumatologyOrthoNebraska Clinics-RheumatologyOmaha, NE402-609-1200
Surgery, GeneralOmaha Center for Surgery, PCOmaha, NE402-552-3078
Surgery, GeneralTotally VeinOmaha, NE402-934-6996
Surgery, General/VascularAdvanced Vascular & Vein Center, LLCOmaha, NE402-552-3015
UrologyAdult & Pediatric Urology, PCOmaha, NE402-397-7989