Data Analytics and ACO Affiliations

Value Based Analytics and Care Coordination 

Paramount Group recognizes that maximizing reimbursement, while increasing patient care/contact is a serious challenge that all providers face in the world of value based care. Clinics are faced with developing a robust and costly internal process to accommodate the value based requirements, yet most clinics don’t reach their full potential.

Incorporating data analytics and outcomes based medicine has been discussed for years, yet most clinics struggle with implementing and establishing the protocols needed for success. To improve outcomes and reduce cost, health providers need the right solution and need to invest in a strong data analytics strategy that will enhance quality and increase patient outcomes. 

Providers that achieve the highest level of reimbursement are those that integrate data and then monitor and act on what the analytics reports.

A partner organization, Paramount Management Group (PMG), works with health organizations and clinics to exceed the value based requirements, while increasing reimbursement and managing care coordination. Their services put everything together in one place so you can exceed with an outcomes based values-based model.

What PMG does

Through a comprehensive and proven analytics process, PMG reviews and synthesizes each providers care and reimbursement model against patient outcomes and decision support. We then provide a roadmap that establishes new protocols and care decisions that maximizes reimbursement AND increases patient care. 

How PMG makes a difference

Using a descriptive and prescriptive process, we take the difficult part of data analytics and put the action of patient care back with the provider. The provider benefits and patients benefits.

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