Payor Relations and Issues Management

Our longstanding relationships with the many health plans and other contracting groups in the region has provided Paramount Group with a proven ability to represent and support our members interests. Through various means and opportunities, our team is at the forefront of understanding the needs of our network members and we work to guide the best outcomes.

What we do for our members

Health Plan Environmental Scanning: track and monitor changes in health plans at the regional and national level

Direct meetings with representatives of the health plans: agenda focused meetings allow for issues and opportunities to be addressed

Committee level representation with other contracting groups (NHP and MHP)

Dispute resolution (major issues)

Group meetings

Educational briefings

Events and Updates with payors


Health plan communication

Member Contracting Services and Credentialing 402-210-2737
Re-Credentialing Services 402-210-2744
Compliance and Payor Relations 402-210-2759
Outreach and Provider Relations 402-210-2767
All other 402-210-2759
Fax 531-999-3275