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History of Supporting Healthcare

Paramount Group was formed as a managed care contracting organization by Clarkson Regional Health Services in 1998 following the merger of Clarkson Hospital and University Hospital to form Nebraska Health System (which would eventually become what is now known as Nebraska Medicine).

The goal of Paramount Group was to provide a solution for independent physicians that did not wish to pursue an affiliation with a hospital system. Paramount Group enabled physicians to be independent, while collectively contracting with health plans.

Paramount Group is an independent provider association (IPA) with over 1600 primary care, specialty and ancillary healthcare providers and four ambulatory surgery centers. Paramount Group brings the power of a larger organization to independent providers. Combined, our members are a significant provider of health care services in Nebraska and Western Iowa.

Credentialing and provider health plan enrollment can be complex. Paramount Group’s focus is to reduce the administrative burden associated with credentialing and health plan contracting for our members. Paramount Group members can choose from more than 25 different commercial, Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, healthcare exchange, and specialty network agreements. Through our physician-hospital organization (PHO), our members are able to complete just one credentialing application for delegated health plan enrollments.


An independent provider association is a business entity organized for the purpose of bringing together independent practicing healthcare providers to facilitate contracting with health plans and other payers. Paramount Group is a “messenger model” IPA, meaning that Paramount Group acts as the messenger and obtains information on proposed fees and fee-related terms from payers or its physician-hospital organization partner. Paramount Group then sends the group contracting notices to each practice and the practice, on behalf of its providers, elects whether or not to participate in such payer agreements.

Contracted Health Plans

Paramount Group has partnered with Nebraska Health Partners (“NHP”), a PHO owned by Nebraska Medicine, to allow Paramount Group providers to join those payer contracts negotiated and entered into by NHP. NHP is responsible for reviewing and negotiating contract terms with insurance companies, TPAs, employers, and other third parties. NHP also coordinates value-based incentive payments for those practices that participate in value-based agreements through the Nebraska Health Network. Paramount Group is the “messenger” between NHP and Paramount Members. As a result, our members are able to make informed, independent decisions regarding participation in any of the health plans offered through NHP.

1600 + Healthcare professionals in our network
24 + Years of impeccable and successful work
2 + Regional states served

For Current Members:

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